About Me


Julia Blanka’s illustrations are stylised, black and white, whimsical drawings that are designed to make you smile. Her subjects generally include owls, cats and pickles. She gains her inspiration from her love of intrepid travel and the unique experiences and quirky characters she meets along the way.

In addition to regularly exhibiting her work throughout Adelaide she has illustrated a children’s book, designed the livery of an airplane, worked at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, camped in the Sahara Desert, opened a free outdoor library that’s just for kids and runs children’s art classes at the beach – named, The Beach Studio!

Julia has previous experience working in children’s art programs at the Guggenheim Museum, New York as well as the Adelaide Festival, The Australian Refugee Association and the Zhu-Lin Buddhist Temple in Adelaide. As a child she was a student of the Ruth Tuck Art School, later completing a Bachelor of Graphic Design from the University of South Australia and then updated her drawing skills at the New York Studio School. Julia Blanka currently resides in Adelaide whilst she runs children’s art classes at the beach and juggles her love of illustration with her full-time corporate design and marketing job.

Want to work on a project with Julia? Say hello! hello@juliablanka.com

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